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Hier, j’ai acheté des fleurs qui ont la couleur d’automne.
Les gens oublient d’acheter les fleurs a cause du froid.

Enfin le week end !


Mon frère est en train de me faire du steak haché ce soir. Il m’aide beaucoup ces temps-ci.

Drink Drink♪

Last Friday, after I finished a volunteer work at the Japanese language school, where I regularly visit to do volunteer work, the school students, some of volunteer workers and I went to a bar to drink.
It was the first time for me to go drink with them.
It was a fun night, because we talked in Japanese and English at the same time.
One student, who I talked to two or three times in the school, told me that he was working for “ gap” now, but in one week, he would be transferred to another brand name shop “ banana le public”.
He looked so happy because he wished to move to this shop for a long time.(those two shops are in the same company.)
Speaking of him, He is a unique person who loves fashion and brand name goods, especially LV. Also, he is gay.
Everyone can know it easily because he acts gay.
However, he has a lot of girl friends, and he is very nice to girls.
About an hour later, his friend came to the bar to drink.
He was also gay, and he was very cute!

how to find sefre


It is already end of September.
It’s getting cooler finally, so I don’t need to use air conditioner when I sleep recently.
Before this summer I expected that I need to pay a lot of money for electricity fee but it was not much high as I expected.
But instead I need to pay a lot of money for water .
It is because first of all, since it was very hot this summer I bought and drank a lot of PET bottle of tea, juice and water.
In the beginning of this summer I often bought PET bottle of juice and drank.
I think it was therefore, I had many pimples on my face and back.
So, I stopped drink juice but started drink tea and water.
After I started drinking tea and water, my pimples and skin condition were getting better so I drank more.
But buying a PET bottle of tea or water everyday was a little bit pains in the neck.
So, I started bought 20L box of mineral water by internet mail order.
And I had ordered 3 boxes of mineral water already.
Drinking mineral water made my skin condition better but cost me a lot.
And then, since I sweated a lot this summer I took a shower every morning and night cost me more than usual.
Wow, now Yakiimo seller passed by my near my house.
Autumn has come to my town.
I think I don’t need to pay a lot of money for water but I need to pay others from now.

The plan for this summer vacation☆

How do you spent your summer vacation??

Yap. Hope you enjoy yourself of course.

How about me?

I’m moving next Sunday!

The new place is in the same city, just 50m away from this place.

So, I’ve been busy for paking and more , You know I’m almost broke!

= NOTHING I have any holiday this summer :’-(

☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★

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