Drink Drink♪

Last Friday, after I finished a volunteer work at the Japanese language school, where I regularly visit to do volunteer work, the school students, some of volunteer workers and I went to a bar to drink.
It was the first time for me to go drink with them.
It was a fun night, because we talked in Japanese and English at the same time.
One student, who I talked to two or three times in the school, told me that he was working for “ gap” now, but in one week, he would be transferred to another brand name shop “ banana le public”.
He looked so happy because he wished to move to this shop for a long time.(those two shops are in the same company.)
Speaking of him, He is a unique person who loves fashion and brand name goods, especially LV. Also, he is gay.
Everyone can know it easily because he acts gay.
However, he has a lot of girl friends, and he is very nice to girls.
About an hour later, his friend came to the bar to drink.
He was also gay, and he was very cute!

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