It is already end of September.
It’s getting cooler finally, so I don’t need to use air conditioner when I sleep recently.
Before this summer I expected that I need to pay a lot of money for electricity fee but it was not much high as I expected.
But instead I need to pay a lot of money for water .
It is because first of all, since it was very hot this summer I bought and drank a lot of PET bottle of tea, juice and water.
In the beginning of this summer I often bought PET bottle of juice and drank.
I think it was therefore, I had many pimples on my face and back.
So, I stopped drink juice but started drink tea and water.
After I started drinking tea and water, my pimples and skin condition were getting better so I drank more.
But buying a PET bottle of tea or water everyday was a little bit pains in the neck.
So, I started bought 20L box of mineral water by internet mail order.
And I had ordered 3 boxes of mineral water already.
Drinking mineral water made my skin condition better but cost me a lot.
And then, since I sweated a lot this summer I took a shower every morning and night cost me more than usual.
Wow, now Yakiimo seller passed by my near my house.
Autumn has come to my town.
I think I don’t need to pay a lot of money for water but I need to pay others from now.

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